Our undergraduate programmes

Yncréa Hauts-de-France offers 8 undergraduate programmes through HEI, ISA and ISEN Lille, which allow students to progress on to its postgraduate engineering degrees.

In addition to a generalist undergraduate programme at each school and the Computer Science and Networks undergraduate programme at ISEN Lille, Yncréa Hauts-de-France has introduced 3 new integrated undergraduate courses for students who have completed their secondary education. These have been designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to allow them to continue on to our postgraduate engineering degrees, and are based on an innovative approach to teaching. As such, the following three undergraduate programmes began to be offered at our Lille campus 2 years ago.


Project-based learning is at the very heart of the ADIMAKER programme. This is a course based on making, doing and undoing in order to acquire scientific knowledge, skills and expertise. Its approach to teaching is based on experimentation and projects, as part of a ‘learn by doing’ philosophy. To do this, we have partnered up with TechShop, something which allows us to access its facilities and use its equipment in order to manufacture items and create prototypes. Students are assigned projects by companies, which deal with real challenges faced by them.

International Undergraduate Programme (100% in English)

The course takes 3 years to complete and is open to French and international candidates. It is taught in English and covers science, humanities and project management, with students having the chance to specialise in computer science or mechanics in the 2nd year. This programme allows students to spend the 3rd year at Coventry University. After this, they return to France to progress on to the postgraduate engineering programme offered by HEI or ISEN Lille.

Digital Technology & Biology Undergraduate Programme

The Digital Technology and Biology programme allows students to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to progress on to the postgraduate engineering degree offered by ISA or ISEN. They are able to specialise in bioinformatics, eHealth, precision agriculture, smart farming, agricultural machinery, nanobiotechnology, robotics, embedded electronics, big data, smart devices etc.

This route allows students to acquire skills and expertise in 2 fields – digital technology and life sciences. It draws on the expertise of two engineering schools – ISEN Lille and ISA Lille – and gives students the chance to spend 3 months abroad, as well as get involved in numerous multidisciplinary projects.