CSR Policy

Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility are at the heart of what we do.
Yncréa Hauts-de-France's CSR policy is known as its Switch Policy.

It is backed up by ISO 14000 and DD&RS (Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility) certifications and has earned numerous awards, including coming 2nd place in the International Green Gown Awards, organised by the UN to celebrate great sustainability initiatives at universities and colleges around the world.

Our CSR policy is centred around 3 pillars of sustainable development:
people, prosperity and the planet.
These translate into 12 areas of action.

Our 12 areas of action

For these 12 areas of action, our CSR team works with various internal stakeholder groups, including our students, staff, human resources team, etc., as well as external ones. In terms of external stakeholders, we are proud to:

– Participate in the LiveTree programme in Lille's Vauban district, as part of the REV-3 (Third Industrial Revolution) project.
– Participate in the work carried out by the SustainableDevelopment Commission of the Community of Universities and Institutions Lille Nord de France, in particular its Zero Carbon Campus project .
– Participate in the work undertaken by the Sustainable Development Commission of the CGE (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles), by co-leading the work group on sustainable development and corporate social responsibility through Franck Chauvin.
– Participate in the work carried out by the national network CIRSES (the Association for Corporate Social Responsibility in Higher Education).
– Participate in the work undertaken by the regional network Sustainable Development Ambassadors, an initiative run by the CERDD (Study and Resource Centre for Sustainable Development).
– Participate in the work carried out by Enactus on social enterprise and the social economy through our students and staff.
– Belong to the national network Campus Responsable.
– Belong to the network Réseau Alliances.

Our commitments

to improve our internal practices In order to ensure our work is in harmony with the environment and society, we are ISO 14001 certified, are constantly improving our mobility practices, have introduced initiatives to promote the integration of disabled persons, and have introduced a number of practices to allow us to welcome students from all backgrounds (particularly those from abroad). Our CSR policy also gets everyone at Yncréa Hauts-de-France behind concepts such as disability, mobility, the circular economy, energy management, sustainable purchasing and social entrepreneurship, to name but a few examples.