Our campuses

Yncréa Hauts-de-France has four campuses, in Lille, Bordeaux, Châteauroux and Rabat.

Our Lille campus

Our Lille campus was founded in 1885 in the heart of Lille's Vauban-Esquermes district, and today offers engineering degrees through the HEI, ISA and ISEN Lille engineering schools, is actively involved in research, provides consulting services to companies and runs continuing education courses.

The Camplus project

As part of its strategy for the future, the Camplus project will see Yncréa Hauts-de-France take its campus to the next level by transforming its facilities spread throughout Lille's Vauban-Esquermes district. This futuristic campus will be a hub of teaching and research. Designed to offer the very best opportunities to the leaders of tomorrow, it is based on a sustainable, humanist and participatory approach. It will mean new and improved facilities for those involved in Yncréa Hauts-de-France's three areas – teaching, research and consulting services for businesses. This will allow Yncréa Hauts-de-France to offer students, researchers and professionals an unbeatable place to work and study, thus helping it achieve its goal of becoming one of Europe's leading higher education institutions for all fields of engineering. For more information, please visit camplus.fr.
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Our Bordeaux campus

The new François d'Assise Campus will be built as part of the Bordeaux-Euratlantique regeneration project and will be located in the city's Armagnac-Sud district.

This 9000 m² site will be home to:

• The courses offered by Yncréa Nouvelle-Aquitaine (ADIMAKER courses, the international bachelor's course run in partnership with Coventry University and the sandwich courses). These will be taught on two 700 m² sites and two demonstration prototype areas ('ClassLab' and 'Smart Building and Smart Cities'). A demonstration prototype known as 'The Factory of the Future' will be built on the CFAI's Bruges site, whilst another,
'The Smart Stores of the Future', will be on Rue du Loup, in the centre of Bordeaux.
• The Gironde Catholic Teaching Association, which will occupy a 700-m² site.
• AFEPT and the second chance school, which will occupy a 900-m² site.
• ISFEC, which will occupy a 750-m² site.
• ASPECT Aquitaine, which will occupy a 500-m² site.
• The Apprentis d’Auteuil Foundation.

The François d'Assise Campus will also include a residence with 80 rooms.

Whilst waiting for the campus on the Euratlantique site to be completed, Yncréa Nouvelle-Aquitaine has partnered up with Coventry University and RenaSup (a French private higher education network) to offer two undergraduate courses from 2020 – ADIMAKER and the international bachelor's degree with Coventry University), which both allow students to continue on to our postgraduate engineering degrees.
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Our Châteauroux Campus

This campus, in the Balsan district of Châteauroux, in the region Centre-Val de Loire, offers the HEI degree (vocational route) in partnership with the Indre Chamber of Commerce. It boasts impressive technological facilities and is an exceptional place to work and study. As part of the renovation work carried out in 2012 to allow postgraduate engineering degrees to be offered, a fab lab, mechatronics and robotics building, and five teaching laboratories were built.

In total, this campus boasts 5800 m² of facilities, allowing us to excel in teaching, creativity and technological innovation.
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Our Rabat campus (Morocco)

In 2016, the Yncréa Maroc engineering school opened its doors in the heart of the Agdal district in Rabat, Morocco's economic centre, and offers an undergraduate programme accredited by HEI, ISA and ISEN.

After three years in Morocco and graduating with a bachelor's degree from Yncréa, students are able to progress on to the postgraduate engineering degrees offered by Yncréa's engineering schools in France, and pursue one of the 40 areas of specialisation offered.
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